Mobile App/Product Consultants

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We make beautiful, capable iOS apps. Through a paired design & development process, we can create and iterate new ideas quickly. We built the flagship Weather Underground app and WunderStation from the ground up, which have been consistently featured by Apple and chosen as App Store Essentials, and have enabled millions of users to get fast and detailed weather data.

We value apps that genuinely make people’s lives better: education, art, data, and connecting people to resources. 




What we offer



A two-day collaborative intensive with your team to super-boost your app. Even if you haven't got one yet.

☞ We work closely with your team to learn and optimize your product. We come to you (New York area only for this one).

☞ We provide UX and design direction, tips, and principles to follow.

☞ We provide a high-level technical assessment and suggestions.



If you need an MVP in a jiffy, then we can make it happen. 

☞ Paired design & development means you'll get a refined MVP based on user needs.

☞ We have experience shipping (great) apps in weeks, not months.



We can take you through any and all of the design and development process. Whatever your needs, we can charge you money. 

☞ User research

☞ Ideation & project scoping

☞ Wireframing & prototyping

☞ Technical needs assessment

☞ Interface design

☞ Technical architecture design

☞ Brand design

☞ Actual honest to God writing reasonable code.