Loop Your Videos And Live Photos

AvivA is an iOS app that allows videos and live photos to be looped forwards and backwards. Like Boomerang but with lots of additional control.

▸ Loop your videos/photos forward and backwards until the cows come home. Then go away again. Then come back again. Then go away again...
▸ Choose any start point
▸ Choose the length
▸ Zoom and crop
▸ Change speeds (from whale-song slow to Charlie Chaplin fast)
▸ Save and share your loops with one tap.
▸ Stop fussing with opening an app and taking that boom-thang at the exact right time. You are no one's monkey! Don't be a boomerangutan! Capture the moment in a regular video as you normally would, and we'll add a Boomerang-like effect to your videos and Live Photos later.