LightSpace is an iOS app that lets you paint with 3D light in the real world! Use LightSpace to paint wings on your friends, make fireworks in your living room, write love notes with sparklers, and draw faces on bananas. 


Thank you to all of our fans who have downloaded LightSpace more than 1,000,000 times so far! Good work, all you glow-wielding star children. We see your light.

About LightSpace

For the first time ever, walk around your paintings to see them from every angle. Record a video while you paint, or afterwards to share your work with the world. Add details by doodling on the screen or paint expansive shapes by using your phone as the brush. 

Tag your creations with #LightSpaceApp, and make some amazing things! We look forward to seeing what you create.

Featured on InVision's design blog

Here is a walkthrough of LightSpace.

This third grade class is using LightSpace to make learning multiplication tables and solving math problems more fun. 

Here is a thowback to the original Apple Macintosh and how far we have come. 

We're a two-person team developing this app in our living rooms. Your donation helps us make LightSpace and other creative apps like this.

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